DXP provides complete equipment, materials, and service for the chemicals industry. Today’s chemicals businesses need more than just a supplier. They need a partner who can provide comprehensive product expertise with dedicated service and support. That is how DXP has built its business: it’s what we do.

Custom solutions

DXP thrives on working with customers to explore better ways of doing business. Our team includes engineers and process experts who are passionate about identifying and solving our customers’ most challenging problems. When specialty parts are needed, our manufacturing capabilities can quickly deliver custom parts anywhere in the world.

Prioritizing safety

The chemicals industry faces constant pressure to improve safety standards. DXP is passionate about helping customers stay in compliance and keep their employees healthy. We do this by combining safety expertise with a complete understanding of the equipment we sell.

Superior products

DXP partners with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial pumps, storage solutions, and parts to provide customers in the chemicals industry with the reliable equipment they need to be successful.


In today’s competitive marketplace, energy and materials efficiency can be a crucial component of profitability. Customers rely on DXP to stay at the forefront of technological innovation so when new motor or seal designs come to market, we get them into the field.

Food & Beverage

The world relies on the food and beverage processing industry to do its job well, and the industry relies on its equipment to deliver. DXP offers a comprehensive line of specialty equipment designed to meet this industry’s demanding standards.


In a highly competitive landscape, a plant’s efficiency can be the difference between profitability and loss. Today’s pump and seal technologies deliver optimal results by consuming less electricity and reducing materials waste.

Fit for purpose

The food and beverage industry needs precision equipment to produce consistent products that meet consumer and regulatory demands. Constant temperatures and pressures are often just the beginning. DXP’s team of process engineers partners with customers to fine-tune their systems for whatever they will handle, from ground beef to maple syrup.

Work with the best

DXP boasts a broad range of in-house design and manufacturing facilities capable of addressing many of the food and beverage industry’s processing challenges. If our capabilities can’t do the job, we have partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment. No challenge is too big for DXP.

Roots run deep

DXP began over a century ago as a pump supplier to the budding agriculture industry around Houston, Texas. We’re proud of our long tradition of serving the food sector. Today’s DXP draws upon its deep experience with the industry to provide responsive, business-minded service.


The mining industry needs a supplier that’s tough, reliable, and savvy. DXP brings together the technical expertise and dedication to service businesses at every phase of the mining value and supply chain need to increase productivity and thrive. With teams located throughout North America, we stand ready to partner with customers working throughout the sector—metals and ores, stone, hydrocarbons, and more.

Oil & Gas

DXP has deep roots serving the oil and gas industry, stretching back to the early days of Big Oil in Texas.  With expertise in all phases of the hydrocarbon product cycle, we have built our business to be the industry’s comprehensive resource for product and service solutions.

UPSTREAM Service Expertise

Technology continues to transform how businesses find and extract new sources of oil and gas. At the same time, many of the industry’s oldest challenges are still its most urgent ones. Safely handling combustible slurries, reliably pumping abrasive mixtures, and optimizing every new well are just a few of the areas where DXP’s blend of product and engineering expertise comes into play.

MIDSTREAM Service Expertise

Safe and efficient midstream operations require sophisticated tools. Today’s petroleum transportation and storage sector demand exceptional performance from its pumps, pipelines, and storage operations. DXP’s team offers customers the comprehensive technical expertise they require to build and maintain facilities that meet or exceed top industry standards.

DOWNSTREAM Service Expertise

Profitably refining and distributing petroleum products is a constant challenge in the face of tightening environmental requirements and ever-shifting global demand. DXP sells and services equipment from the world’s leaders in industrial innovation. From individual seals and bearings to complete systems, we have the solutions the downstream industry requires to be successful and safe.


DXP has grown alongside the Canadian oil and gas industry. Today we are a leading provider of service, support, and equipment to refineries throughout North America. Adding value to the refining supply chain is the heart of our business.

DXP brings together complete product knowledge with extensive engineering and process design expertise, providing customers with a single point of contact for industrial solutions.

Moving Crude is Our Specialty

DXP has developed an extensive line of pumping, metering, and monitoring products to meet the refining industry’s most urgent need: getting the crude to where it needs to be, safely, cleanly, and efficiently. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps purpose-built to handle highly corrosive, combustible fluids.

  • API and ANSI Centrifugal Process Pumps from PumpWorks and other leading manufacturers.
  • LACT skids.
  • Mechanical seals and bearings are customized for harsh conditions.
  • Compressors, motors, and other essential equipment.
  • Storage solutions.


As the energy generation and transmission industry undergoes rapid transformation, DXP has stayed at the forefront of technical innovation. We partner with customers to supply equipment and services tailored to optimize the power value chain.

DXP’s Customers Span the Power Industry

  • Fossil Fuel Generation. Today’s oil, gas, and coal-fired energy production facilities need advanced technical solutions like never before. Tight margins demand greater efficiency. Regulatory pressures are driving innovations in clean power. With deep roots serving the Texas oil and gas industry, DXP speaks the language of fossil fuels.
  • Wind, solar, wave, and hydroelectric operators need suppliers who are attuned to their industry’s distinctive engineering and financial challenges. DXP combines extensive product expertise with the engineering and process design skills the renewables industry requires to deliver on its promise.
  • As generation moves further away from urban centers, bringing power to market has become a distinctly complex business challenge. DXP supports its customers in the transmission industry with equipment, logistics, and engineering support.

Municipal – Water & Wastewater

Designers and operators of municipal and industrial utility water and wastewater systems put rigorous demands on their pumping equipment. The duty cycle is continuous, and budgets are tight, therefore requirements for reliability and low costs of operation are mandatory. Listed below is a summary of the products we utilize to solve these demanding applications. Our company provides one of the most complete and comprehensive ranges of pumping equipment for all water and wastewater applications. Many of these products utilize innovative technology and all are produced by world-class manufacturers and backed up by our parts and service personnel operating from eight facilities across Canada.

For over 50 years, we’ve been selected to supply equipment for hundreds of cities, towns, and villages across Canada and industrial plant sites around the world. Our sales and applications engineers are ready to put our experience to work on your next application—whether it’s basic equipment or one of our fully pre-packaged turnkey systems. Give us a call today!

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