DXP Natpro is committed to working with all stakeholders in applying our expertise, technologies, and solutions to support Renewable Energy and the national climate plan to reach Net-Zero emissions by 2050.

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DXP Natpro brings over a century of rotating equipment and packaging expertise to the Renewable Energy market. We are committed to the support of companies and communities determined reach their goal of NetZero emissions.

DXP Natpro is your partner in developing, implementing, and maintaining your process and rotating equipment. Combining unparalleled engineering depth, we have the most extensive network of service locations in North America and the highest level of technical expertise in industrial distribution. Your DXP Renewables team can offer the best solution for your application, from co2 sequestration to biofuel and other renewable energy options.


  • Biogas Pre-Treatment Skids
  • Biomethane Capture System
  • Chemical Injection Pumps & Systems
  • Biodiesel Slurry Pumps
  • Biogas Tanker Truck Loading/Offloading
  • Bioethanol Pumps and Systems
  • Biofuel Plant Heat Exchangers
  • Gas Pressure Regulations and Controls
  • CO2 Pumping and Sequestration
  • Particle Filtration Systems
  • Balance of Plant Equipment
  • Renewable Oil Blending Systems
  • Plant Ammonia Handling for NOx Emission Control
  • Design & Fabrication of Process Plant Modules
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Automation and Power Control Buildings
  • Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
  • Geothermal Brine Re-injection Pumps
  • Lobed Blowers
  • Biogas Digester Feed/Circulation Hose Pumps
  • CO2 Blower Skid
  • PPI Compressor Skid
  • Sundyne Compressor Skid

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