Centrifugal Pumps

DXP Natpro represents world-class suppliers for all types and classes of centrifugal pumps, including Frame-mounted or close-coupled, horizontal or vertically mounted, radially or axially split, single-stage or multi-stage, metallic or non-metallic, sealed or sealless (magnetic drive). 


We carry a broad range of pumps for many Industrial markets such as chemical, power, pulp and paper, food and beverage, municipal, mining and minerals and renewable markets.

Industrial Manufacturers

  • BJM / Stancor
  • Cascade
  • Dean Pumps
  • Pentair – Aurora
  • Pentair – Fairbanks Nihuis
  • Pentair – Hydromatic
  • Pentair – Layne Vertiline
  • PumpWorks 610
  • PumpWorks HP-Plus
  • PumpWorks Industrial
  • Sundyne
  • Sundyne – ANSIMAG
  • Sundyne – HMD Kontro
  • Sundyne – Sunflo
  • Vertiflo
  • Wemco
  • Wernert

API 610

Centrifugal pumps (single and multistage, horizontal and vertical inline, radially split and axially split) are designed in strict compliance with the latest industrial specifications (API 610 and ISO 13709) for applications including petroleum refining, gas processing, oil processing, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, and crude oil pipeline, offshore (platform) installations and aviation jet fuel.

API 610 Manufacturers

PumpWorks 610

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Single and multistage vertical lineshaft, canned lineshaft, and submersible turbine pump built for API 610, industrial, offshore (platform), NSF 61 certified, residential, and agricultural applications.

Vertical Turbine Manufacturers

Pentair Aurora
Pentair Layne Vertiline
Pentair Fairbanks Nihuis
PumpWorks 610

Fire Pump Packages

Systems built in accordance with NFPA 20 and firewater pumps, drivers and accessories that are ULC / FM approved.  We can engineer and design systems to integrate end suction, inline, horizontal split case and vertical turbine models with electric motors or diesel engines that include controls, inlet and outlet piping, valves, and fittings.

Fire Pump Manufacturers

Pentair Aurora
Pentair Layne Vertiline

Horizontal Pumping System

Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) use multistage, diffuser-type centrifugal pumps designed with heavy-duty thrust chambers and API 685 seal chambers.  These systems cover a wide range of flows and pressures for fluid transfer, measurement, salt water (brine) disposal, high-pressure injection, gas processing, pipeline booster, and water flooding applications.  Typical fluids pumped include water and oil, saltwater, amine, glycol, condensate, and liquid natural gas.

Horizontal Pumping Systems

PumpWorks HP-Plus

Sealless Pumps

Sealless centrifugal pumps are designed for horizontal and vertical configurations using various non-metallic and metallic materials.  Sealless pumps are preferred when absolutely no leakage or emissions can be tolerated.  They are also used to replace expensive systems with double mechanical seals and seal support systems and to eliminate costly repair and maintenance.  Ultimately, sealless pumps can reduce risk for personnel and control emissions while increasing productivity and reliability.

Sealless Pump Manufacturers

Sundyne HMD Kontro

Self-Priming Pumps

Self-priming pumps are typically horizontal end suction pumps that utilized an air/water mixture within a priming chamber to facilitate startup.  Self-priming pumps are applied when a pump needs to evacuate air in the suction pipe and lift fluid into the pump from a source below the centerline of the pump.

Self-Priming Pump Manufacturers


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