Positive Displacement Pumps

DXP Natpro represents many world-class manufacturers of positive displacement (PD) pumps.  Our range of PD pump products can handle thin fluids like gasoline to high viscosity fluids like molasses or heavy oil, pressures from 25-10000 Psig, and flow rates from .01 – 10,000 USGPM. 


Vane pumps operate using self-adjusting Vane pumps operate using self-adjusting vanes in the rotor that allows the pump to compensate for wear to help maintain flow rates.  This design also provides the benefit of low life cycle costs and lower energy consumption.   Vane pumps will also handle thick or thin liquids and are inherently self-priming.    They are typically applied on low pressure applications (under 200 Psi) and are commonly used in the energy, petrochemical, mining, paper, and general manufacturing sectors.

Vane Manufacturers



DXP Natpro offers twin, triple and quintuple screw, self-priming positive displacement pumps in single or double cartridge versions for a wide pressure range.  Rotary screw pumps offer the benefits of low pulsation, low noise, and low maintenance.  They are often applied on applications requiring high pressure, high flow rates and high viscosity and are commonly used in the energy, petrochemical and general manufacturing sectors.

Screw Pump Manufacturers


Progressive Cavity

Progressive Cavity (PC) pumps can pump either thin or very viscous fluids and has the unique ability to handle abrasive solids.  PC pumps are also well suited for shear-sensitive fluids and are available in sanitary (CIP capable) or industrial designs.  Typical markets include municipal, food & beverage, oil & gas, chemical, pulp & paper, and mining & minerals.

Progressive Cavity Manufacturers

NOV Moyno


These pumps use a plunger or a piston to displace a fluid in a cylinder and can pump against pressures up to 10,000 Psig.  They offer extremely high mechanical efficiencies and a small footprint.  We offer standard packed plunger designs, vaporless stuffing boxes to capture packing leakage and completely leak free diaphragm designs.

Plunger / Piston Manufacturers

Technip FMC
Milton Roy

Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are one of the more versatile types of positive displacement pumps.  They are capable of high suction lift, low shear, and can run dry indefinitely.  Being compressed air-driven, they are portable and commonly used in installations where there is a potential for the presence of explosive or flammable gases.  AODD pumps are constructed using a wide range of metallic and nonmetallic materials and an equally wide range of diaphragm elastomers, ball, or flap check valves.

AOD Manufacturers



DXP Natpro represents multiple manufacturers of sealless positive displacement pumps.  Sealless refers to the absence of a dynamic mechanical seal where seal support systems need to be put in place to achieve 100% containment of pumped fluid. Our sealless positive displacement pumps offer the benefit of a simpler, robust design for applications where leakage to the atmosphere/environment, however small it may be, is not an option.

Sealless Pump Manufacturers


Metering Pumps

DXP Natpro represents several World Class manufacturers of metering pumps.  Typically used when we need to pump a precise/accurate volume of fluid, on a repeatable basis.   Often used on low-pressure applications, we also can tackle discharge pressures to 10,000 Psig.  Our metering pumps come standard with the ability for the operators to vary the flow rate either manually at the pump or remotely through a process signal.  Often used for water treatment chemicals, our range of metering pumps is also used extensively in demanding process applications such as those found in refineries, petrochemical plants, or well sites.

Metering Manufacturers

Milton Roy
Milton Roy – LMI
Milton Roy – Williams

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