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Our training programs at DXP go far beyond the basics. We cover technical fundamentals, product-specific expertise, operational overviews, and troubleshooting tips, from beginner to expert level, and further to specialized topics suited to particular industries or applications.

Service and Repair: Learn how to troubleshoot, assess, repair, or rebuild your rotating equipment.

Product Training: Learn the features, benefits, installation and operation of any equipment or system.

Technical Fundamentals: Need to understand pump basics, hydraulics, or configuration? We’ll show you how to size properly, design the system and choose the right pump for any application.

Pump Operation: Learn how to operate pumps, how to change speed, or even change parts in the pump, and what to expect in terms of pump performance.

Pump Dynamics: Every system has a system curve. The pump within your system has a pump curve. We’ll explain how that all works, including advanced concepts like net positive suction head, gravitation, basic hydraulics, and pump affinity laws, to expand your knowledge base.

“Transfer of knowledge” is not only one of the services we provide, but we also consider it to be one of our responsibilities as a part of the industrial equipment industry.

We offer a variety of technical training courses including:

Operation, Maintenance, and Repair

Natpro personnel have made presentations not only for customer groups, but also at various universities and technical institutes across Canada, and for specific industry organizations and associations. Factory engineering personnel are often in attendance. Topics are diverse, but can include:

  • Fundamentals includes review and discussion of the various pump, compressor or blower types, basic system design calculations, a review of typical applications for each, etc.
  • Specific Pump, Compressor or Blower Presentations including
    • Sealless Process Pump Design and Application
    • Progressing Cavity Pump Design and Application
    • Chemical Injection / Metering Pumps and System Design
    • Fire Water Pump System Design and the NFPA 20 Standards
    • Rotary Positive Displacement Air Blowers and Systems
    • Centrifugal Process Gas Compressors
    • Low Flow Pump Designs and Applications
    • Slurry and Solids Pumping
    • Multiphase Pumping
    • Instrument Air Compressors and System Design
    • Plant Compressed Air System Design
    • Sewage Lift Station Pumping Applications – Dry Pit and Submersible
    • Vertical Turbine Pump Design and Application
    • Variable Speed Pumping Systems

One-off Foundry Solutions

Yes, We Can Make That.

If you need a part that’s no longer available from the OEM, or that’s otherwise hard to find, we can fabricate the part you’re looking for and ship it to you in about 2 weeks.

Not every pump supplier owns their own foundry. But we do. This allows us to fabricate any part—obsolete, out of production, or unavailable—using our 3-D printers and dedicated engineering and design capabilities.

We can often create the missing part faster than the OEM can. Why? Because their processes are geared for newer products, and it costs them more and takes longer to re-tool their production line. We can do it quicker and at lower cost.

Get Creative

Put our foundry to the test today. We can create it for you and have it installed in a matter of days.

Local Inventory

With over $130 million worth of inventory in stock, DXP holds the largest number of repair and replacement parts in the business.

We have an exhaustive supply of pumps and parts available in multiple stocking locations across the United States and Canada to serve you quickly.

So, if you need it, chances are great that we have it in stock.

Systems Design/Troubleshooting

Do you have a system design issue that needs to be corrected? Need to optimize a pump or other rotating equipment?

We’ve got your back.

We design both customized and plug-and-play systems to meet your needs.  Our comprehensive suite of services includes all engineering, layout, equipment supplies, and fabrication needed during the build-stage of your new plant or upcoming expansion project.

Having issues with an existing system? Our field service techs are available for rapid deployment to your site. With deep mechanical engineering expertise, our teams troubleshoot and solve any system problem, no matter who built the equipment or where you purchased it from.

In-House Testing

Most pump sales and distribution providers don’t have their own testing facilities. Those that do are usually small, crude and severely limited in capacity.

At DXP, our in-house testing facilities in Texas and Louisiana follow national testing standards and are quite large, allowing us to test your pump—any make or model—before we install.

Can’t make the trip out to watch your pump test? No problem. We have remote capabilities to allow customers to participate in a test in real-time using online video feeds. So, if you need pump testing that’s faster, more comprehensive, more accessible, and more competitive, just call us.

SmartReliability Condition Monitoring and Controls

Benjamin Franklin is credited with this bit of wisdom: “Those who fail to plan are planning to fail.” DXP lives and breathes by this truth, which is why we take a proactive approach to how we care for your equipment. SmartReliability offers solutions for improved asset reliability and reduced costs—results guaranteed. We drive substantial savings and value to our industrial customers through continuous equipment optimization, asset monitoring, and our team’s extensive rotating equipment knowledge and expertise.

Here’s how our condition monitoring and controls solutions help you:


Reduce unplanned outages and operational expenditures by:

  • Identifying and Eliminating Failures Before They Occur
  • Improving Equipment Reliability and Efficiency
  • Increasing Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR)

How SmartReliability Works

We offer a complete line of advance motor controls and VFD’s that utilize advanced pump protection algorithms to prevent your equipment from failure when operating in common process upset conditions. If properly equipped, these devices can notify operators automatically via text and/or email of such conditions.

Equipment Saver

We offer a complete line of controls and protection devices that detect when your pump is running in failure mode and send alerts to any networked device.

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